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Iconic Nintendo Tunes Adapted On The Piano In Seconds

Russian born pianist Sonya Belousova has an amazing talent for creating musical arrangements on the piano within seconds of hearing a melody for the first time. In the video posted below Sonya displays her talents, creating beautiful adaptations of some of Nintendo’s most beloved tunes on the piano. Sonya is hearing many of these iconic… Read More

New Commercial Released For Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Nintendo has released a new commercial for the their upcoming puzzle / adventure title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The Mario Brothers spin off has already received high praise from many critics ahead of its December release. Eurogamer has declared Captain Toad “The best spin off in years”.The game featuring one of the Mushroom Kingdoms most beloved… Read More

New Skylanders: Trap Team Overview Video

skylanders trap team traps

Activison has posted a new overview trailer for the upcoming Skylanders: Trap Team game. The video outlines the main premise of the game. Players must journey the world of Skylands in search of escaped villains and then capture them using Traptanium. It also shows off several new series of Skylanders Packs and Adventure Packs. “Capture… Read More

Over 300 Cheat Codes Unearthed For Shovel Knight

Over 300 cheat codes have been unearthed for Yacht Club Games’ highly acclaimed platformer, Shovel Knight. The codes were discovered by software engineer and hardcore gamer Ricky Filion. Ricky used debugging software to analyze Shovel Knights code on the PC and through a long and complicated process he was able to discover over 300 codes.… Read More

Pokemon Art Academy Coming To Nintendo 3DS Oct. 24

pokemon art academy sketch

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Art Academy will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS on October 24 in North America.   Pokemon Art Academy will give players a wide range of tools to craft artwork of their favorite Pokemon characters. There will also be unlockable Mega-Evolved Pokemon available for players to color and draw. The… Read More

The Voice Behind Mario Posts Vine Videos

charles martinet

Charles Martinet, the man famous for being the voice of Mario and other Nintendo characters, recently started a Vine account and has begun posting videos featuring the voices of some of Nintendo’s most popular characters. — Charles Martinet (@CharlesMartinet) August 21, 2014 #CharlesMartinet #mariobros walkin — Charles Martinet (@CharlesMartinet) August 21, 2014 Charles… Read More

Behind The Scenes: Bayonetta 2 Sound Design

bayonetta 2 close up

The folks over at Platinum Games have posted a new blog on their website discussing the sound effects creation process for Bayonetta 2. One of the sound designers explains that creating the sound effects for angelic characters was as easy as importing them over from Bayonetta 1. However much more work had to go into… Read More