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Mushroom Kingdom Map Brilliantly Combines Super Mario Bros. Titles

mushroom kingdom map

Mushroom Kingdom Map This comprehensive Mushroom Kingdom Map, created by a very talented artist named Bill Mudron, combines landscapes from throughout NES & SNES Mario titles into one illustrated work. Fans of the beloved franchise can finally see how the territories represented in every game fit into the overall Super Mario Bros. world.  Super Mario Bros.… Read More

Zombies Love Bacon Online Gaming Community

Zombies Love Bacon

We are an online gaming community for both casual and serious gamers offering a fun and friendly environment to meet like-minded gamers. Our goal is to grow our community of gamers so you will never have to party up alone again. We welcome discussions about all consoles and all games. You’ll find us playing PS3,… Read More

Iconic Nintendo Tunes Adapted On The Piano In Seconds

Russian born pianist Sonya Belousova has an amazing talent for creating musical arrangements on the piano within seconds of hearing a melody for the first time. In the video posted below Sonya displays her talents, creating beautiful adaptations of some of Nintendo’s most beloved tunes on the piano. Sonya is hearing many of these iconic… Read More

New Commercial Released For Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Nintendo has released a new commercial for the their upcoming puzzle / adventure title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The Mario Brothers spin off has already received high praise from many critics ahead of its December release. Eurogamer has declared Captain Toad “The best spin off in years”.The game featuring one of the Mushroom Kingdoms most beloved… Read More